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Learn german

Learning a new language can be time-consuming, complex and boring. While it may seem appealing to learn German in a classroom with other students, group courses can also be slow-moving, unvaried and impersonal. Since each person has different reasons to learn a new language, I find it important to focus on your personal goals and situations in which you want to speak German – maybe you have just moved to a German-speaking country, work for a German company abroad or simply want to improve your conversation skills. It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner or if you want to improve your conversation skills, I will make you reach your goals fast.

Language Lessons

There are two ways of private tuition: Learn German via Skype or in person if you are based in Oslo. One lesson is usually 60 minutes and includes a follow-up homework, if desired.
Based on many years of experience in teaching all age groups I can offer a learner-centered and personalized approach.

Get in touch by sending an email and I will get back to you with my rates that are based on intensity and your requested time-frame. Package prices are also an option if you wish to learn faster.

learn german